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City of Atlanta Tax Policies Urge Seniors to Leave Atlanta

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 3:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

submitted by MPNCA Member, Brenda Smith

Seniors reduce property taxes by more than 50% by moving to the following counties/cities in the Metro Area with Senior School Tax Exemptions:

Carroll:  100% exemption at age 65

Clayton: 100% exemption at age 65

Cobb: 100% exemption at age 62

Douglas: 100% exemption at age 62

Forsyth: 100% exemption at age 65

Hall: 100% exemption at age 70

Henry: 100% exemption at age 70

Paulding: 100% exemption at age 70

Walton: 100% exemption at age 65

DeKalb: 100% exemption at age 70 

(w/income cap of $82k w/o retirement inc. + assessment freeze)

City of Decatur: 100% exemption at age 65

In the last census report, growth in the age 65+ population was 125% for Forsyth, 31% for Georgia, and a low 2% senior growth for Atlanta.  Seniors are actively fleeing Atlanta.  Vinings is flourishing as the “shining tax haven on the hill.” 

Atlanta could retain and recapture many senior residents by passing a school tax exemption.  A consequence of senior flight is an increased burden on younger residents to pay growing infrastructure bills.  Seniors residents with school tax exemptions would continue to pay city and county property taxes. 

Seniors mean money.  Surrounding counties understand the economic value of seniors.  Two seniors equal one job.  Each senior generates $59,517 annually in direct and re-spending.  Thus, 1,000 seniors would increase the Atlanta City GDP by $59 million annually and add 500 jobs.  Estimates comparing surrounding metro counties that have senior school tax exemptions indicate Atlanta is losing $32.6 million in tax revenues and fees by not having a senior school tax exemption.  

Many Atlanta politicians refuse to address this issue for fear of retaliation from APS.  Atlanta’s present building boom is increasing revenue collection dramatically.  In response, Atlanta City adjusts the millage down.  APS does not adjust.  

Atlanta seniors can forget aging in place with family and caring for grandchildren. 

Atlanta is not competitive.  In fact, Atlanta is Senior Unfriendly and losing. 

Atlanta’s tax policies equal, “Push Grandma over the Chattahoochee.”

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